When William wandered onto our property he was close to death. He was a Rott/Lab mix full grown weighing about 30 pounds. He was literally skin and bones and totally ravaged by mange. I didn't think he could be saved.  Linda thought differently.

She went to work and somehow managed to bring him back. After about six months a friend of ours stopped by to say goodby before moving to New England and fell in love with William. Tearfully we said goodbye and William lived out his life on 20 acres playing with his friends (see picture) and chasing deer. He was 13 years old when we lost him to cancer.  What a wonderful, energy packed friend he was.  1996-2009
Our neighbor found Buster in her field crying and covered in red ant bites when he was no more than eight weeks old. Linda nursed him back to health and Buster spent his entire life with us. Being a Chow he was a great guard dog and also very unfriendly to small animals. (like cats)

Buster was an inside dog and as he grew older (and more hard-headed) we would have to put a muzzle on him to protect the cats when he spent time outside. A vet told Linda when he was 5 years old he should be put down because of his hips. He was 14 before he had a bad day. We miss him dearly.
A friend of Lindas stopped by with a little brown cow dog named Ben that she was taking to the dog pound. Needless to say Ben never made it to the pound. He never weighed more than 50 pounds but was absolutly fearless. He once took on 2 German Sheperds (through the fence) and wouldn't quit till I pulled him away from them. (stiches required:)

He was lifelong friends with Buster and Buddy , we called them the "B" Boys.
Ben had a great life with us and his friends and he lived every bit of it.
I was running a bushhog out in the country making a very large circle on a 60 acre field and every time I passed this certain storm drain this little pup would stick his head out for a look and quickly retreat back into the storm drain. It took me 10 hours to finish mowing and when I was loading the tractor here comes this skinny, mal-nourished, little Spaniel. 

The area had some problems with dogs being tortured and killed so I wasn't about to leave the little guy out there. I opened the door on the truck and he put his front feet on the running board. (he was too small to climb up himself)
He was one of the most gentle friends we have ever had. His hips gave out 3 years ago. We miss his gentle way.     1997-2008
              THE ORIGINAL JAKE
 Linda rescued Jake from a fellow in Clearwater. Jake was his own dog and never had a master. When he ran he was poetry in motion. He loved to run full speed, splashing through the water and mud. He was my best friend during his all too short stay on this earth. I loved him more than I can say.     Jake  1988-1994
.REMMER                         BENTLY
Remer was rescued from South Florida where the folks that had him just could not deal with his energy. (Understandable if you know anything about Weimaraners). He was a great playpal for our Bently while he stayed with us and is now living on a farm in North Florida.
We call him "Uncle Bently" now because he initiates and plays with any and all
the new dogs or pups that arrive here to spend time with us. He is very patient. In the middle picture below he is exercising Jake and Abby when they were only 6 months old. He spends his evenings next to me on the couch. For his first 2 years he would do the same thing only on my lap. He remains a great friend and is truly loved. We lost him to cancer in March 2018