We have a salt pool and she got in and swam around, then was running crazily around the pool deck with my 5 year old son. She is such a wonderful dog. We love her very much. Scott and I were talking about bringing her to see you guys again. When we took her to the vet she weighed 20lbs, she is now due to go again and I am sure she is up to 40lbs.
We will keep you posted as she grows.

Harley is a wonderful puppy...She never went potty in the house and is very well behaved. She slept on her bed in our bedroom all night til 1:30 then woke me up to take her potty. She then when right back to her bed and back to sleep til 5am...that was her wake up Ive had enough sleep time. We are very pleased with her and thank you very much for taking such great care of her.

Love Lisa

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we have been enjoying our new puppy.  As we told Linda, we have named her Sunny Panama, because she was a birthday gift to my wife Wendy and Wendy grew up in Panama.

Our Sunny has been a THRILL for all of us and she has done very well.  From the very first day (almost three weeks ago), she has had absolutely no problems adjusting to her new home.  She is already house broken and she knows her name and even a few simple commands like come, sit and stay.  Her wonderful disposition can only be attributed to excellent breeding and the loving environment that you both provided for her.
Peter & Wendy

Hello.  Thought you might like to see how the puppy is fairing.  Here are some pictures.  By the way, thank you for making this easy and fun for us.  We love him and are so glad Charlie is a part of our family now.

God bless.
Hi Bob and Linda,
Took Deezel to the Vet yesterday for shots ect. I just wanted to let you know he weighed in at 106# and has absolutely no fat on his body. The vet said from day 1 "He's going to be a big dog". and that he is. Give me 10% of his energy and I would be superman. I get many compliments on him and have given your name to a few people who asked where he came from.
What a great dog.  Have a great summer...................................................................
We are loving Sullivan more and more each day - he is full of energy and LOVES to swim, walk and play.

He is at 51 lbs., has all his shots now and is doing great! We recommned you highly when folks stop and ask about him - especially when we are walking him - he is such a HANDSOME MAN!
Thanks again for providing us so much laughter and ACTIVITY in our retirement! Best to you both....THANK COCO AND JAKE FOR US TOO!
SULLY                 ROWDY

And MalloryJust wanted to send you an update on mallorys first week at her new home! She is the sweetest and smartest puppy! She has learned to sit and come and knows her name, she sleeps all night with only one potty break! We'll send pictures as we down load them! We're taking her on her 1st boat ride today! Thank you for such a wonderful puppy who is bringing us such enjoyment!

Tom and kym
And Mallory
Dear Linda and Bob,
Bosun is doing great!
So far, he has not had any accidents in the house, we are so happy. He slept well from the first night.
Sometimes he does want to get his way but we are trying really hard not to give in. As you can imagine it is hard to say no to such a cute pup. We will keep you posted and continue sending pictures.
Thank you for everything,
Nini and Stewart.
.Dear Bob and Linda,
Bosun is doing great; he is a wonderful blessing. Bosun was the ring barer in our wedding and did a great job!!
* Bosun is 8 months old  from Sunny's December litter
Tucker is now 8 months old and the best puppy ever. He has a beautiful, loving personality. He is very large-70lbs and still growing.

We just wanted you to know what a great job you did and we would recommend you 100% Hope you enjoy the pictures.

He went to school and did very well, was head of his class. We love him to death, and from day one when we got him he's been great.

Barbara & David
Hey Rob and Linda,

Sorry I haven't updated you sooner but I have been deployed twice since picking up TJ in August.  Just checking in with you  to thank you for all you did and having such an amazing breedline.  I don't think I have ever had a better behaved, sweeter Lab then what TJ is turning into.  We just had him fixed 2 weeks ago and he weighed in at a wopping 71 lbs at 8 months old so he is taking after his dad I do believe. hahaha.

Will keep you updated as we are planning his first beach outing (with his boxer and other lab friends) soon.

Hope you enjoyed the picture and the outcome of all of your hard work!

TJ's blessed owner
We can't say enough about Bob & Linda Wermuth.  We put down a deposit on a puppy from a litter that was born on Christmas eve last year.   Our "puppy"  (lol) is now 60 pounds and will turn 7 months next week.  His name is Junior and he is the center of our world.  Besides being absolutely beautiful (he is the mirror image of his dad "Jake"), he has the sweetest and most loving disposition.   And he is so healthy.  Throughout the pregnancy of his doggie mom "Sage", Bob and Linda stayed in contact with us updating us on her progress.  Then, when the litter was born, we had constant updates and photos as the litter grew.  Bob and Linda keep the new puppies and the mother...  inside their own home... and they are so diligent in their care.   At 4 weeks we were invited up to pick out which puppy we wanted... oh what a special day !!   Then we had to wait 4 more weeks to come pick him up.    Bob and Linda are so nice and so knowledgeable and so helpful.   When the puppies were weaned, Bob creates his own special baby formula to feed them. 

Our puppy has been healthy and happy and an absolute joy.   His temperament is amazing.   We took him to puppy school but he did not have to try hard because he picked up everything on the first try.   The instructor, who teaches the k-9 unit for the Sarasota Sheriff's Department once told us that we had an incredible dog who already showed signs of being very intelligent.   He loves to swim, and my wife Shannon has a horse, so we take Junior out to the barn all the time.   He is fantastic around other dogs and people too.    He is an English Lab so his is more square in the face and his coat is almost white.   No matter where we take him, people stop us to come pet him!  

Bob and Linda do an amazing job with their dogs and their program.   They are in frequent contact with their customers throughout the entire process.   They are professional and knowledge and so polite.  They love their dogs so much and it really shows.   We highly recommend them to anyone who is wanting a well-bred Labrador retriever.  

Jody and Shannon 
Sarasota, Florida